Stay True to Your Roots:
The 473 Summer Collection inspired by Grenada
Luxury. Wooden Wick. Refillable Vessels

Check out the Luxury Collection at Ky's upcoming Pop Up Markets!


Mango Festival.

Mango. Guava. Papaya.


Liming & Vibing.

Lime. Musk. Ozone.


Pineapple Palm.

Pineapple. Sugar Cane. Grass.

Make luxury coconut wax candles with Ky! Read more below and contact Ky to schedule a private workshop today!

Do you want Ky's Kandles to host a candle making event in your neighborhood's clubhouse? Whether you are planning a birthday or celebratory event or needing something different to do, Ky has you covered! Simply send her an email to start your event planning today!


Check out the newest aromatherapy collection!

A Collection to prioritize your mental health and encourage others to do the same!


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