Candle Care & FAQs

How do I care for my wooden wick candle?

- Trim the wick to 1/8 - 3/8 inch or enough to trim majority of the charred wick off between EACH burn 
- Do not burn the candle over 4 hours at a time!

What exactly is proper candle care?

Caring for your candle includes:

- Burning it in an area free of drafts, flammable items, and not over 4 hours

- Trim the wick to 1/4 inch in between each burn 

Why is it important to burn my candle to the edges (or at least two hours) for the first burn?

Did you know that candles have a memory? Not burning a candle to the edges during the first burn can cause the rest of the candle to burn in that manner and thus cause tunneling.

Do you offer customized services?

Yes we do! Ky's Kandles offers customized candles for baby showers, gender reveals, bridal showers, weddings, event favors and so much more!

You can choose your fragrance, scent, colors, labels and jars!

Simply book a time for a phone consultation for your event!

What are phthalates? Do your candles contain them?

Pthalates are a group of chemicals used in fragrance oils to help extend the scent throw. They have been known to have a hazardous effect on human health with problems including disruption of your hormones, asthma and to a lesser extent, cancer. 


The best part: absolutely NONE of Ky's Kandles contains phthalates! Go the safe route by keeping your lungs, and the environment free of toxins, and light your Ky's Kandle!

Are your candles pet friendly?

Ky's Kandles offers eco-friendly wooden wick candles made with 100% natural soy wax. ALL of the scents that are used are from reputable, quality sources and free of phthalates! Wooden wicks emit less soot after they are extinguished. Just be sure to trim the wick each time!

Also, make sure that your furry friend does not consume the product!

What is your return policy?

Ky's Kandles wants you to be 100% satisfied with your product! For returns and exchanges, the product must be returned in its original condition and packaging. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. 

Refunds are only provided for candles if they are defective or if you have received an incorrect item.

If an item is damaged upon arrival via shipping services, you will receive a replacement or a refund depending upon your preference. Ky takes extra precaution when packing her orders with love!

Do you host candle making classes and parties/events?

Yes, in fact Ky loves to host candle making classes for events! Please book these 3-4 weeks in advance to allow Ky to get the necessary materials. There will be no candle making events at homes, just public event spaces/churches/club houses. 

To book an event at your venue, please email

P.O. Box 12311 Raleigh, NC, USA 27605