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What is this new collection exactly?

The owner, Kyla, spent weeks testing new scents that would work great for various areas of your home and came up with the incredible scents:

Fraser Fir

Peppermint Bark

Holiday Spice

Spiced Cranberry

Clean Cotton

Tranquilidad: Ky combined her love for Spanish and candle making to create this new scent, Tranquilidad which is Spanish for Tranquility. This white tea and bamboo scented candle gives you the smooth, spa like fragrance that is crisp and clean. 

Caribbean 'ting: Jamaican me crazy scented candle gives you a glimpse of the tropical fruits that awaits you on a wonderful island.

His Escape: Mahogany Woods scented candle is the most popular, subtle scent that is not only for men to enjoy!

Irresistible: Black Currant scented candle that is the perfect and calming masculine scent with hints of patchouli, saffron, black currant, and amber.

Peace of Mind: Lemon lavender scented candle whose scent speaks for itself! Definitely a customer's favorite!

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